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Personal Trainer

Adam Parnaby

Personal Trainer


The Best You Can Be

Personal training is just that, It’s personal to you, to suit your goals. You tell us what you want; We will help you get there! Take control of your life, and be what you want to be!

We love working with people, especially when it means we can help improve their health, fitness and well being. We don’t see it as just fitness, we look at Personal Training. We like to help people in any way we can, whether it’s dietary support, or other health problems that make it hard to train. Even if all we can do is be someone to listen while you train.


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Outlook


Lots of people hit the gym for a reason, there’s a fair few out there who are actual athletes and train for their chosen sport. If you are one of those truly dedicated souls who use the gym to improve your sports performance! But if you’re doing this without a Personal Trainer, you’re surely missing a trick?


Our Personal Trainers will be able to choose the appropriate exercises for you that will improve key skills required for your sport. If you’re looking to improve Speed, Quickness and Agility and Personal Trainer will have an array of exercises and tests designed to help you. If you are more concerned with getting your balance and coordination right, again a Personal Trainer will have a whole host of exercises in their locker to assist you in this!


Training times


Boxing Bootcamp


Thurs   19.30 to 20.30

Fee £3.00


Rolling Circuits


SAT   12.30 to 01.30



The Vulcan Learning Centre

42 Heron Street


HU3 3P


Phone: 01482 229230

Mobile: 07932 081920


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