Empowering Young People


Weights Room

The Vulcan Centre has a fully equipped weights room, which has recently been improved with the help of a Sports England grant. There are five qualified personal trainers that work at the Centre who are available to provide advice and assistance when needed. The Vulcan Centre specialises in Olympic lifting and functional training and has a wide range of equipment; battle ropes, kettle bells, lifting platforms/cages, prowlers, sledge hammers, plyometric boxes, tyres, resistance bands and much more.

The Vulcan Centre also caters for Strongmen and holds an open session suitable for all levels of ability on Saturdays from 9-12. It has a team of dedicated strongmen, most notably Wayne Stephenson who has achieved significant success at both a regional and national level. The Centre has a variety of strongman equipment; logs, axles, yokes, circus dumbbells, duck walk, tyres, farmers, sleds, sandbags and stones.



Boxing Gym

The Vulcan Boxing Club was launched in 2012. The main ethos of the club was to provide positive role models for children and young people to tackle youth violence, anti-social behaviour and obesity through boxing. Since its inception Vulcan Boxing Club has trained two national finalists, one national champion and a significant number of regional champions. All of the coaches involved in the club are passionate about the sport and its ability to change lives (and have DBS, First Aid and Safeguarding certificates).

Vulcan Boxing Club has regularly taken boxers to compete all over the United Kingdom and has run training trips in both Tenerife and Devon. The club is well equipped and holds sessions seven days a week for both junior and senior boxers. All levels of skill, ability and fitness are catered for, from the ages of 8 upwards. The club was awarded Club Mark status in 2014, in recognition of the high standards it has achieved.



The Studio Gym

The Studio Gym is a dedicated space for fitness and aerobic classes, and personal trainers; available for hire (prices on request). There are a number of weekly sessions run in the Studio; including Women’s Zumba and Bootcamp classes run by Sportsability.


The Vulcan Centre has a purpose built classroom/computer suite with 9 internet ready PCs. It also contains a children’s library with a range of academic text books, fiction and non-fiction available. The classroom is utilised by Vulcan Learning Centre, which provides an alternative education pathway for young people who have had difficulties with main stream schooling, (who have often been unable to acquire qualifications for employability through formal education) who have been permanently excluded or are at risk of permanent exclusion, who have encountered the criminal justice system or are at risk of encountering the criminal justice system.

The Learning Centre is committed to showing young people who come to the centre their potential and to directing them towards a more positive future. The staff resources and our boxing culture provide an environment that re-engages young people, allows them to increase their self discipline, develop their confidence and social skills, enables them to assist with the delivery of sport and recreation activities and gives them opportunities to gain recognised qualifications which will broaden their employment potential, whilst promoting social inclusion.



The Hub

The HUB is the heart of the Vulcan Centre; a room where children and young people can socialise. It is used 3-4 nights a week by the Vulcan Active Youth Project, and during the day by members of the Learning Centre. It has a pool table and a dining area. Food is available free of charge from the kitchen along with tea and coffee.

Vulcan Learning Centre is committed to helping young people achieve their potential and directing them towards a more positive future. Vulcan Learning Centre uses sport and recreational activities to teach young people about the importance of respect and self control. We embrace diversity and use a variety of teaching and learning methods to empower our students. Our goal is to increase self-esteem and improve employability, whilst promoting social inclusion. Vulcan Learning Centre provides a positive atmosphere which is conducive to learning; staff are supportive and act as mentors and tutors for students.


The Vulcan Learning Centre

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