Personal Development Courses 

All of the courses on offer are underpinned by work in personal development. Personal development sessions explore living independently, undertaking daily tasks, confidence building, career progression, family life, forming healthy relationships, drugs and alcohol advocacy, smoking cessation, and managing money.  
Vulcan staff are committed to helping people to explore their options, get the best out of their studies, continue to develop their skills to higher levels and to ultimately gain employment 
Tailored courses can be put together utilising modules from the Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development Specification that we follow. 

Example Course 

An example of a course that was devised to boost the qualifications of learners that found the mainstream curriculum difficult to access is shown below. This course gave learners 18 credits. 
Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Employment and Personal Development 
Assertive Living 
Independent Shopping for Household Items 
Independent Skills for Living in the Community 
Interpersonal Skills 
Personal Money Management 
Preparation for Work Experience 
Punctuation and Grammar Skills 
Team Leading Skills 
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