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Welcome to the Vulcan Active Youth Project

Project Aim:


To engaging with young people who play in the surrounding streets and encourage them to join the project, through the provisions of a safe space, fun activities and informal learning with a positive peer group and building ties with the surrounding community. The project is aimed at empowering young people in the community to engage in positive activities that are aimed at promoting health and wellbeing.


The project will be largely youth driven and will promote on extending and building the current youth council.  Young people will be encouraged to be involved in the planning of the project and the activities that will be delivered.

The project aim is to develop a social club for young people as the current youth council have identified an increase in the need for activities for young people.  The Vulcan Centre has facilities that can provide young people with the opportunities of a homework club, cookery, various sports, games, an allotment that produces flowers and vegetables, or to just basically interact with peers.



The project will provide social learning for young people by delivering informal and structured non-formal learning opportunities that young people can opt into to develop skills for life. The project will provide social action by practising skills gained to support the community and learn through doing, falling in a safe environment and acquiring practical experience.

The project is aimed at providing opportunities and activities to facilitate in providing healthier and more active lifestyles for young people, and promote and ensure the welfare and safety of young people involved.


The Vulcan Learning Centre encourages all members to respect diversity and underline the importance of equal opportunities. Young people that join the project will be given the opportunity to become part of the youth council and be able to have their voice heard. The Vulcan Learning Centre seeks to promote tolerance and understanding and to work with the local community in developing the project to encourage working with difference and diversity.


The project will undertake outreach work with all staff and volunteers involved, to consult with local children and families on a regular basis, to encourage voluntary participation and to actively work together to address and tackle any problems and identify their individual needs in order to develop and run the project.


The project will be promoted on Facebook and other media websites to engage with young people and talk with community groups within the area.


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